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2 dag. Product Owner (15 pers)

2 dag. Product Owner (15 pers)


During this training we teach you how to be an excellent Product Owner

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2 day Product Owner training

During this training we:

  • Explain the role of a Product Owner in detail:
    • How to make a product backlog
    • How to write user stories
    • How to manage stakeholders
  • Practice extensively with different elements of the Product Owner work:
    • Crafting a compelling vision
    • Stakeholder management
    • Persona analysis and customer journeys
    • Backlog management
    • Sprint Review and feedback on the product
  • Certification for the professional scrum product owner level 1 (PSPO level 1 via is optional


Cost & Conditions

  • 2 days – €8400,- excl. VAT
  • maximum of 15 participants
  • training location, lunch & coffee,beamer, flipcharts and Wi-Fi are not included









Beside the Agile and Scrum trainings as described above, we also offer Design Thinking, Graphic Facilitation and Feedback training.


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