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Feedback training

Agile coaching & training

This training is specially useful if you want to improve your teams productivity. Feedback is very important in Agile teams.

This training consists of the following topics:

  • What is feedback
  • Why is feedback useful
  • Why is feedback difficult (to give and receive)
  • Where and how do you give feedback
  • My personal struggle
  • Practical exercises
  • How to continue after the training

Cost & Conditions

  • 1/2 days in house training – €2.100,- excl. VAT
  • maximum of 10 participants
  • training location, lunch & coffee, beamer, flipcharts and Wi-Fi are not included


  • We performed this training dozens of times mainly different teams of Rabobank.
  • In this training people can practices with their own cases that they struggle with. After a few times huge improvements are visible.