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Agile coaching & training

Mataram is founded by Henk van der Honing. He offers all the workshops and trainings that are explained on this website. The many companies that he worked for are listed on this site on the references page. If you have any questions about the service offered by Mataram contact Henk directly.

Henk van der Honing
Phone number: +31 6-23743913
@: henk.van.der.honing@mataram.nl

Between Henk and the following people there is a tight work relationship and fine friendship. The coaches and trainers have many years of experience in implementing and teaching Agile & Scrum and a deep theoretical knowledge. By working closely with the following people, Mataram can offer a more wider portfolio and different types of Agile coaches each with their own expertises.

Cyriel Vringer
Phone number: +31 6-53721337
@: cvringer@keienberg.com

Cyriel is a very experienced Agile coach and worked for Rabobank, Alliander, ING and Schiphol. Together with Cyriel, I started the BGST training and trained many different companies and facilitated many soap factory and lego workshops. Together we did the Agile Fluency Project training and thanks to him I am able to facilitate the Agile Fluency Game.

Joost Barten
Phone number: +31 6-47808315
@: joost.barten@konataink.nl

Joost is very experienced Scrum Master and Agile coach and together we worked for Alliander. At Alliander we trained many teams. Together with Joost and Sam we implemented the BGST academy and went to Londen for our SAFe Program Consultant training. Additionally Joost offers great leadership trainings.

Sam Geurts
Phone number: +31 6-82710611
@: sam.geurts@i-am-i.nl

Sam is very disciplined Scrum master and coached many teams working on business intelligence and data analytics. Together with Joost and Sam we implemented the BGST academy and went to Londen for our SAFe Program Consultant training.

Evert Oosthoek
Heroes Corp
Phone number: +31 6-18807298
@: evert.oosthoek@heroes-corps.com

Evert has his own company (Heroes Corp) and quite regularly we work together. For example together we developed the Scrum Mastery training and additionally he provides the Visual Storytelling training.