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Customer journey & MVP

Agile coaching & training

At many companies the product backlogs are not inline with the compies vision and goals. We offer workshops were we go through the same steps as in our PO training which help to get goals aligned with the product backlogs of the different teams.

In our PO training we start with a vision and during these two days we create a Product Backlog. High over we follow the following steps in our training:

  • Create a vision / goal – often we use a vision board as a template
  • Than we use product canvas & customer journeys to get a more detailed understanding of what our vision would mean
  • Finally we use story mapping for creating a MVP (first step)
Vision board
Product canvas
Story mapping

Not only in our trainings but we use these steps also in our workshops. For one specific customer we did the following workshop:

  • In the morning we started with management explaining their goals and vision
  • The teams checked their current product backlogs and realized that we would not reach goals and vision presented by management with their current backlogs.
  • So we needed to come up with a better plan. We created an customer journey (see picture on the left).
  • Below the customer journey we came up with all the work we needed to do to make the journey better for our customers. We plotted the work in a story map and came up with a MVP (picture on the right).
  • Finally we did a check whether we would reach the goals and vision of management. Luckily now we probably would reach their goals.

Please contact us if you need help translating your goals into work for your teams.