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Bijna gratis Scrum training

Agile coaching & training

As true Agile believers we decided to give at regular intervals some trainings almost for free. You will only pay €60 for lunch and location.

The trainings that we over are one full day trainings and focus on content. Sometimes at meetup events you have to listen to marketing stories for more cross- or upselling of other products of services. That is not the case here!

The trainings focus on learning by doing and we offer a lot of simulations. Do not expect any PowerPoint slides.

Our trainings are also good preparation for the professional Scrum Master or Product Owner exams (PSM 1 or PSPO 1) of Scrum.org

These trainings are facilitated by Joost Barten, Henk van der Honing and Sam Geurts. 

See meetup for our agenda: https://www.meetup.com/De-bijna-gratis-Scrum-Training/


  • We performed this training dozens of times.
  • We used this training to try out new things. Things that worked well we incorporated in our commercial trainings.
  • The individual persons in these trainings were very interesting. For example we trained a priest who wanted to use Scrum in church and we trained a barista who got a job as Scrum Master at Alliander.