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Sprint Review Bazaar

Agile coaching & training

When we started working Agile at Alliander we only had a couple of teams and the way we did our sprint reviews were quite straight forward. After a while we were more successful and more teams wanted to work Agile. Suddenly we had around 7 teams and we bored our stakeholders with 7 different sprint reviews.

A couple of us did the LeSS training with Bas Vodde and here we got familiar with the sprint review according to the bazar / marketplace concept.

This is analogous to a science fair: A large room has multiple areas, each staffed by team representatives, where the items developed by a team are shown and discussed. Stakeholders visit areas of interest. During the converge periods, stakeholders summarize their opinions from the bazaar. A subset of items may be inspected on a common computer projector during this time, also.There may be multiple diverge-converge cycles.

We fine tuned this approach and now we are able to conduct this event with over 15 teams and around 100 people. The main benefits for us are that we share our progress in an interactive and fun with our stakeholders and teams can learn from each other. Because the presentations are for small groups (you do not have to present for all 100 people at the same time) people feel more freedom and say what they think and by doing this we receive more valuable feedback.