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Visual Storytelling

Agile coaching & training

During this training you will learn how to make drawings. But the main thing is not how to make the best drawing in the world. During this training we focus on how to make drawings that really help to make your story more clear so that you will have more impact.

In this half a day course you will learn different techniques. The main focus is on practicing with real life cases. After the training course you will receive homework assignments. We will also create an app group were you can share your work and we will provide you with feedback.

Drawing is not something that you will learn in half a day. Practicing for about 5 min each day will have a huge impact on your skills. The homework assignments and the app group will help you to achieve this.

Cost & Conditions

  • Prices depend on group size, location and many other factors. Please contact us for a personalized offer.


This training will be provided by Evert Oosthoek of Heroes Corp. Please contact him directly for course registration or for more information:

  • @: evert.oosthoek@heroes-corps.com
  • Phone: + 31 6 18807298


Below you see some examples created by our course participants.